Anyone who’s grown up around horses has probably seen a colt or filly take their first steps––and fall. That’s exactly how I feel as I’ve gained weight over the past couple of weeks.

My legs started hurting quite a bit last week and I couldn’t figure out why––I didn’t complete any hard workouts or do anything overly strenuous, so where did the pain come from? After my latest doctor’s appointment, I realized that it was probably from the new weight I put on, considering I gained a few pounds in a couple weeks.

Living with this new weight reminds me of a baby horse when they try to walk because, in a way, I have to get used to a new set of strong limbs after living with weak bones for a while. It feels like someone tied rocks to my feet and it sounds like an elephant lives in our house since my steps are so heavy.  New weight has also affected other areas of my body. My family has noticed that my face looks fuller and my clothes fit a tad tighter than they did a month ago.

I forgot what a normal weight feels like and I’m so uncoordinated at this point since I was used to a fragile frame. A stronger skin seems foreign right now, but I’ll grow into it eventually. Even clumsy colts grow and frail fillies mature into magnificent mares and stunning stallions. I’m so grateful for the ways God has and continues restoring my health, even if it comes with challenges.


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