So, my anxiety has been a ton better lately! The bad news is my depression has increased and I’m feeling incredibly fatigued lately. Yes, I’ve skipped a couple meals, but I’ve still eaten way more than I ever did when I had gastritis. I’ve even made sure to eat extra veggies and fruits lately, but it doesn’t seem to help much.

Literally, I sleep half the day away, which is unusual given my decreased anxiety levels and my light coursework load at the moment. Furthermore, my feet, calves, or legs always feel week, even if I haven’t worked out that day. For that reason, this was the first day I swam in a week. My best friends know I never skip swimming. I’ve been that fatigued.


Life with Chronic Fatigue


However, I have noticed one major difference that might have caused the fatigue: I’ve been trying to go vegetarian. For some reason, meat makes me feel heavy and I can only even have chicken a couple times a week. Deli meats are usually fine, but even then, I don’t eat meat that much. Plus, it helps me get more nutrition in my diet since I can’t eat too much at once without my stomach freaking out.

After analyzing my recent dietary changes, I feel like I’m not getting enough iron or some other nutrient that I’d normally get from meat. In addition, I have a lot of symptoms of magnesium deficiency, including severe migraines and leg pains. As a result, I’m going to try both a magnesium and iron supplement for a few weeks and see what happens (I’ll let you know eventually).


From Living with Liver Disease


If you notice a pattern sudden fatigue developing, see if you’ve made any major dietary changes lately and ask a doctor or nutritionist what supplement you should take. Friends are also a great resource––anyone with similar symptoms could recommend a great supplement.


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