This week, I’ve been learning that I cannot let others define my self-worth and confidence––that comes from God alone. So, I spontaneously cut my hair short today. Those that know me well probably are shocked because I’ve never had hair shorter than my shoulders since I was about 11 (which was 11 years ago). Why did I do it? I’ve never had the confidence to sport short hair––and, actually, I still feel a bit insecure about it. Plus, I did it to symbolize a new season in life: a season where I’m learning to remain firm in my convictions and my identity in Christ instead of getting anxious about pleasing other people. On another note, it’s short enough to easily fit in a swim cap and not get my neck all super sweaty during this hot summer month of July :).

It’s a bit windblown, but this is my new haircut.

I actually modeled it off a picture of Candace Cameron Bure. My hairstylist (who was a guy) said it was stylish and cute, especially since my grey hairstreak accentuates the curves and angles. P.S., he knew my streak was real! Good job, Mr. Stylist. I’m glad someone figured out I didn’t dye it (I’m still confused why people think I’d intentionally dye my hair gray, but I guess it does look mainly blonde now from chlorine and sun bleach). Anyways, it’s definitely a change, but I think it looks pretty cute.

The lovely CCB––one of my favorite actresses

I encourage all you readers who need a self-confidence boost to try something you’ve always hoped to, whether that’s dying your hair, rocking a new outfit, or even picking up a new hobby. A little change can make a surprising difference.

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